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The Castile soap is the best thing ever! I washed my tile floors with it and no residue was left. I had used "other" cleaners (Sorry - I'm now a convert) which I thought was doing a good job after all the mop water was getting dirty. However, that pales in comparison of what the Castile did. I had just washed my floors the day before I got my order. Open my order and the lime/peppermint was divine! First thing I did was wash my floors - had to share that wonderful EO smell. My mop water was black and that was with only a 1/3 of the floor done. There was no residue, no streaks and my floor was not sticky, icky or funky looking. Of course, I then started to clean the hardwood floors as well.

Bartowshe, MN

I love the gentle bubbles and using this by my kitchen sink to wash veggies. I have the crank neck pump and it is cool!  I also use it to wash my floors, laundry, dishes and pooch!

Firestone, TX

I hate cleaning the bathroom. I wanted to be skeptical and think my bathroom was cleaner just because I put more effort into to it to prove the castile soap wasn't going to work. But no, that dirty bathroom shined and I really didn't put all that much effort into it. I just love the castile lemon soap for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

I got home from work this afternoon and one of my orders had arrived.  It was the one with the Mabel's Miracles in it.  I am jumping up and down inside!  The products are wonderful and they look fantastic, too.  You've really done a great job with this.  I think that both of the lotions are a superb choice.  One is very uplifting while the other is very calming and soothing.  And I just have to tell you that the rose scented oil that you put in this box is great.  Very soft.  Not cloying in any way, shape or form.  I am so rose picky.  I can't help it, but I will give credit where it is due.  This is a good scent.  I really and truly like it.  If I didn't I wouldn't say a word.  lol

Mowery, CA

OOOOH! I just got my order of liquid soaps Saturday and have been experimenting with it!! First of all, I replaced all the liquid hand soaps with the lemon. My family LOVES IT!!! We had been using the stuff from the grocery store with great disappointment-- I get itchy patches if I use too much of the stuff from the store.

I've used it to hand wash my dishes-- they came out very clean--even the greasy stuff--and yet the water wasn't very sudsy, so i had had my doubts-- but they were CLEAN!!! No residue! I haven't tried it in the dishwasher yet, but that's my next place.

Patterson, GA

I just got my package with Mabel's Miracles for Mothers Day. My Mom and Mother in Law are going to really love these products they look and smell wonderful!. I also just landed my first repeat Massage Creme order. The Spa said that everyone is lovin it! Just wanted to share!

I have used it on just about everything I could thing of this weekend and it seems to clean effortlessly. And the best part is there are no chemicals to dry and irritate my skin. I haven't used it on laundry - yet.

Two weeks later: hmm, my bathroom needs to be scrubbed down again! I can't believe I got excited to use the castile soap all over again. I had just spot cleaned different areas last week.

I have been using the plain castile as a shampoo and body wash also and really like the way my skin feels especially when I use the the Soytanicals Green Tea Lotion as an after bath oil.

Proctor, GA

I've done my laundry, used it in the shower, washed my hair with it, it is SOOOO clean!! I love that you don't have to use much, either. I used the unscented in the shower, and use the lemon in everything else--my whole family loves the lemon scent.

My laundry is really nice--I have been having trouble with a mildew scent on my clothes after they are washed-- even AFTER I had gotten Borax and used it. But these last three loads, using the Cotton Lavender with the Borax, everything smells so clean!! And my washer smells good, too. It's one of those front loaders and the rubber seal at the glass door gets gross and smelly, but even THAT is clean!

Carol, GA

I am a stickler for ingredients and found Mabel White about 3 years ago. After looking for literally years for acceptable products that met my stiff ingredient criteria, I found Mabel White products were EXCELLENT quality. Since working with Deborah, I HAVE learned A LOT more about what true quality is. So... when Deborah, the author, known as Mabel, came out with a line of finished products at the start of 2008, to market to establishments needing them in volume--I JUMPED on board.

I get 50% so it is like being a partner, and Deborah treats me like one too! Beyond quality, the second reason I signed up is that no other company has products EVEN CLOSE the unique products I now sell. Support is UNSURPASSED, we have our own "blog" now and I have seen Deborah promote from within. One Rep who started just before me now runs Mabel Media, simply because she possessed great graphics ability and a Winning Attitude. A few more that signed in just before me will head up other divisions. I am THRILLED with this company and it is quickly becoming a second "family" to me! Not only that, it has INCREDIBLE potential to produce the kind of income that I have been searching for. I KNOW I will do more than better food money! I am making more than I expected in my first few months!!! The repeat nature locks me in.

If you read my method in the Sales Forum, I explained how I got my business moving within just a few hours.

Winkler, ND

Okie, here goes... I love Soytanicals simply because it is a line of products that I TRUST. I KNOW the high quality is never going to be skimped on, and the pure and simple ingredients speak for themselves. I am NOT in it for the money, but the money just...happens. I literally put not even HALF an effort into it, and I have only given out 2 half gallon samples-UNSCENTED! and already the 2 managers are calling me back. Those were my "chumming" samples. Now I am ready to catch the big shark and reel them in. And what it boils down to, is that I trust Deb. She NEEDS us to trust her, and she gives it all back threefold, and then WE profit! She has so much faith in trusting US with her product, her name, and it literally sells itself. Another plus, is that I added some of her bulgarian lavender to the 8oz samples we got and the lotion is keeping my sons eczema in check. I keep it next to the baby for diaper changes and wipe her down each time w/ the rash ever! I know actions speak louder, etc. But I LIKE sittin on my butt and letting the lotion sell itself!

Pastore, NV

I started a bit different from most of Reps here. I found Mabel White site and saw lots of quality supply & had lots of questions, I nerved up and send Deborah my many tedious questions email and seriously was not expecting to get a reply back. But I did! I exchanged several email with Deborah and was ecstatic when she told me that she just came out with a line of products that no one currently carries and customers do buy in volume, you betcha, I jumped on board.

I joined and proud to say I am now selling one of a kind product and with a family oriented company. The support between reps are like brothers and sisters and that there is no another company that has the product that as unique and willing to tailor to the customer needs. And Deborah does promote from within.

I do graphics part time, and Deborah made me the head of Mabel Media--in short order. Her reasoning was because "anything than supports the talent in our group." So, beyond being a Rep, I get to work with her almost on a daily basis! I am expecting soon, so this may allow me to stay home by 2009. No other company has this model--it works.

Quynh-Luu, TX

For the past 15 years, I've been exercising/rehabilitating in the pool 2-5 times a week. I've used lots of different lotions and creams to alleviate the dry flaky skin, especially on my legs, caused by the chlorine.

Since I've been using the Soytanicals Creme, the dry skin on my legs has disappeared, and the rest of my skin is silky smooth and soft. I thought I had to just put up with dry I don't, thanks to Soytanicals Creme.

Pike, CA

Soytanicals to me is a name that has been given to the best products you can get knowing that it is the highest quality available anywhere. In knowing that, when I talk to anyone about it I'm not trying to sell anything really, just sharing what I know and believe. The product sells itself. All the people that are involved with the Soytanicals are WINNERS HANDS DOWN! and just a truly great bunch who know when to be serious but also know how to have fun!

I Trust Deborah, she has everyone's back and best interest as top priority. She is right here with us.

When I think of the Soytanicals opportunity and the experiences involved I smile from the inside out!!

Eastman, WI